High rise building has become a new norm in real estate due to the increase in population. More and more cities are witnessing the development of high rise apartments from the past few years. Till a few years ago buildings with more than 5 to 7 floors were a rare sight. However, nowadays high-rise goes as high as 50 stories. Tall residential towers are the latest trend amongst developers and buyers in real estate as they save space and accommodate more people than low rise buildings. From beautiful views to fresh air, buying property on high floors has become the symbol of luxury and exclusivity.

There are many reasons why high rise apartments are the preferred choice of buyers. Living in high rise apartments comes with many perks, such as:

Advantages of living in High Rise Apartments

Ventilation and light

The biggest advantage of living in a high rise apartment is the fresh air and ventilation. Apartments at higher floors tend to give an open and airy feel. High rise apartments have more natural light as compared to low rise homes. Access to a little more sunlight is something that we all prefer to possess.

The View

We will all agree to the fact that the higher the floor, the better the view. One of the main advantages of living in a high rise apartment is the scenic view and the feel of exclusivity you get. High rise apartments offer the luxury to experience and enjoy the surrounding landscapes and greenery. The view is something that could give your home an edge over other luxuries. In-case you are living in a penthouse then you can not only enjoy the view but utilize the space for creating your own mini gardens.


Living at higher floors gives you privacy. You can avoid the unwanted intrusions and disturbances by opting for higher floors instead of lower ones. Noise from playground, parking, elevators, and traffic is negligible at higher floors. Plus you automatically get more privacy by fewer interactions with curious neighbors.

Less pollution

Another aspect of investing in high rise apartments is pollution-free space. Living in higher floors not just provides a good view but also offers cleaner air and negligible noise pollution. Air is cleaner at the top, thus, providing numerous health benefits to its residents.


High rise apartments are less prone to a security breach and hence safer than low rise apartments.  It could be easier to break into lower floors than high rise ones.  High rise buildings are known to have the best security features with the focus to provide safety to residents living on all floors. However, lower floors are more prone to burglary and break-ins.

While the above factors depend on the floor, location/city and the architecture of the building, the advantages of high rise apartments outweigh the cons. At the end of the busy and hectic day, coming back to your high rise apartment offering serenity and peace is the luxury only a few could experience. Let us help you out in creating your happy place with Exotic Grandeur apartments offering the blend of luxury and comfort