When buying a new residential property, one has to take up extensive research in order to take advantage of the best lifestyle amenities and a comfortable existence. But even after you have shortlisted a flat, there are several factors to take into account in order to get the best value for all the money you are going to be investing. Do not get carried away and be careful to keep the following things in mind before booking a flat in Zirakpur:

-It is important for the buyers to verify the price of the flat they are looking to buy. The property of the project will be determined by the locality and the amenities. Compare the price quoted by the developer with other properties in the area and in the neighborhood. Depending on your budget, choose the appropriate project and flat.

-The location of residential flats in Zirakpur is an important consideration when buying a flat and the buyers must look into the surrounding social and physical infrastructure and connectivity with other regions. An already developed surrounding will help you settle down more comfortably in your home.

-With a significant number of residential projects being delayed, the prospective buyers should make a realistic assessment of the given project’s delivery timeline. The timely delivery of a project will depend on such factors like the dependability and past performance of the developer, the season with the monsoons causing a delay, sales of the project, etc. While a 6-month grace period is acceptable, the buyer must insist on penalty for further delays.

-The buyers must also read the builder-buyer agreement carefully before booking a flat. Clauses that are detrimental to the interests of the buyers must be flagged and discussed with the developer before the signing of the agreement.

-The pricing of an apartment will usually include charges for the society maintenance, parking, preferential location, power back-up etc. There are additional costs like the stamp duty and registration charges of any Chandigarh property for sale which need to be paid at the time of the final registration of the property. The buyer must be prepared for all these costs from the very beginning and factor them in when calculating the overall costs of the apartment.

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