When it comes to buying a home, the very first thing that every individual potential home buyer wishes to get in order is the finances. It is never a bad idea to calculate the costs and plan ahead when purchasing a home as it can bring long term benefits. However, more often than not, most people end up calculating only the costs of the actual house and forget the extras. These ‘extras’ can be a significant chunk of the price one needs to pay when purchasing a new property and are usually in the form of maintenance charges. Here, we list out some of the types of maintenance charges that are charged to home buyers to simplify the calculations of finances:

1.One of the most common types of maintenance charges are those that are charged for the repair and maintenance of the building. Depending on the size of the residential complex, flats in Zirakpur for sale may incur varied charges for these, but on an average, this comes to about at 0.75 per cent per annum of the construction of the individual flat.

2.Service charges for the housekeeping, electricity of common areas, security, equipment etc are also levied on home owners on an equal sharing basis. If you are looking to buy apartment in Chandigarh or its neighbourhood, make sure to ask the developer on the outset about the charges being levied for services.

3.Car parking charges are also levied on home buyers of any apartment in Zirakpur. Some developers may include a parking spot as an amenity while charging for an additional parking spot, others may levy a fee for every parking spot allotted to the flat owner.

4.The society and/or the developer may charge a sinking or a corpus fund from all residents and flat owners for specific purposes like reconstruction of the building in the future, heavy repairs, structural additions, alterations to the building, etc.

5.Water charges are also levied on those living in apartment complexes. Whether you have a single bedroom flat or are exploring 4 BHK Ready To Move Flats in Chandigarh, ask the developer whether water charges are levied according to a water meter or according to the number of water inlets in the house.

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