Documents To Keep At Hand For A Home Loan For Buying Flats In Zirakpur

When it comes to buying a house of their own, there are many people who look towards a home loan in order to finance the purchase. But a certain amount of preparedness goes a long way when applying for a home loan in order to get approval from a legitimate and certified bank. All lenders ask applicants to furnish certain documents and while these may vary from lender to lender on an actual basis, here is a look at the basic paperwork that all applicants for a home loan must have in place when applying:Read more

Choosing The Right Home Loan Lender For A New Property In Zirakpur

When it comes to buying a home of one’s own, more and more people are seeking to finance their new homes through home loans. But with the various players in the sector and the sheer numbers of options, choosing the right home loan can become quite a daunting task for any applicant. Since commercial banks to have forayed into providing home loans to the average home buyer, one needs to be even more diligent in choosing where to source their home loan from. Here are a few tips on choosing the best home loan and home loan lender for a new property:Read more

4 BHK Flats in Zirakpur

There is a certain charm to living small towns, particularly when they are a satellite to a big city and reflect some of the beautiful aspects of their parent city too. Zirakpur, a small satellite town in Mohali just off of Chandigarh, is one such town which offers a wonderful environment for people to reside in when they are looking to settle close to the city of Vibrant Chandigarh.

Zirakpur offers the most beneficial locational advantage which has made it a preferred destination for people looking for a residential property which is close to Chandigarh. Zirakpur is well connected to Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula and the under construction Zirakpur Ring Road, a six-lane and 200 feet wide highway, extends the connectivity of Zirakpur to as far as Shimla, the popular hill station in the north.

Residential projects in Zirakpur is also comparatively affordable as compared to other cities and even compared to Chandigarh itself. In fact, Zirakpur has been labelled as the hub of affordable housing with leading real estate developers offering budget-friendly options for people across different income brackets.

In Zirakpur, people can explore a wide range of property options in the residential sector. From small studio apartments to family-sized 4/5 BHKs and even sprawling luxury apartments are on offer in Zirakpur Property market. For those looking for homes in the premium and high-end sector too, some real estate firms have made available attractive luxury apartments and independent villas.

Aside from economic growth, the growth in the social and physical infrastructure of the town is also making it quite suitable for people to relocate here with their families. The proposed 100-acre green belt will add to the ecological beauty of Zirakpur, bolstering its already amenable surroundings. Reputed educational institutions and places of tourist attraction make Zirakpur a suitable place for families to live in.

Now you too can invest in premium homes in Zirakpur with the flagship housing project from Exotic Realtors and Developers. The Exotic Grandeur is a luxury housing project offering exclusive penthouses and 4 BHK Flats in Zirakpur. Located at a convenient location of just three kilometres from the heart of Chandigarh, the Exotic Grandeur boasts of rich interior specifications, high-quality eco-friendly construction and world class amenities like swimming pool, sauna, mini theatre, gym and more. The entire campus is surrounded by lush green landscaped gardens which enhance the beauty of the project.

Best Apartments in Zirakpur

Everybody wishes for their dream home to be perfect in every aspect. People plan for years, scout scores of properties before selecting a house which will be their sanctuary against the world. For people who would like to settle down in the proximity of the city of Chandigarh, the satellite town of Zirakpur in Mohali has come to be an attractive destination.

There are several advantages to buying an Apartment in Zirakpur and the town’s distance of merely 15 km from the heart of Chandigarh is only one of them. With the tremendous growth in terms of commerce, real estate and social and physical infrastructure that Chandigarh as a union territory and joint state capital has seen, it has also trickled down into the neighbouring zones. Zirakpur too has benefitted immensely from all of this development.

In Zirakpur, the upcoming developments in infrastructure like the proposed 100-acre green belt, top educational institutions and the connectivity with the cities of Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali and even Shimla via the under construction Zirakpur ring road, have made it a prime destination for working professionals who are seeking to settle down with their families in locations which have the advantage of connectivity and a good neighbourhood as well.

Zirakpur is being touted as the hub of affordable housing in the region as the escalating prices of real estate in the other big cities have not touched the housing sector in this town yet. The Best Apartments in Zirakpur come at extremely affordable and budget-friendly prices and with the wide range of projects being developed by real estate firms, every potential owner can find a home to suit their requirements. From small studio apartments to independent villas as well as residential plots, people can choose from a number of options to live in their dream home in Zirakpur.

To live in the most luxurious and well-appointed homes in the town of Zirakpur, come visit the campus being developed by the Exotic Realtors and Developers. The Exotic Grandeur is a neoclassical landmark which offers premium penthouses and 4 BHK Apartments in Zirakpur which feature rich interior specifications to afford the highest levels of comfort and convenience to the homeowners. The Exotic Grandeur is where you can live the exotic life with world-class amenities at a distance of merely 3 kilometres from Chandigarh. Live the high life by owning the luxury apartments of the Exotic Grandeur.

Real Estate in Zirakpur

One of the earliest planned cities in the country, Chandigarh is a real estate paradise for buyers and investors. Internationally famed for its architecture and urban design, people have always coveted a home in this city which is the joint capital of the states of Punjab and Haryana. But with lack of options in the city itself, real estate leaders have come up with developments in the surroundings of the city and Zirakpur has become one of the popular destinations for this infrastructural push.

With the property boom in Chandigarh making its impact felt in neighbouring areas too, the demand for Luxury Flats in Zirakpur has soared. A satellite town which is considered to be a part of the Chandigarh region itself, Zirakpur has become the hub of affordable housing. From 4 BHK apartments to independent homes and even sprawling villas, every potential homeowner can find the home of their choice in Zirakpur. A number of leading real estate developers are offering attractive housing schemes in the town to meet with the growing demand for residential property in the area.

Investing in Residential Flats in Zirakpur comes with its fair share of advantages, not the least of which concerns the close proximity of the town to Chandigarh. An upcoming hotbed for real estate growth, Zirakpur is also blessed with great connectivity which keeps it linked to the major cities of North India like Mohali, Panchkula, Ambala and even Shimla.

If you too are seeking a Residential Property Near Chandigarh to settle down or even invest in, explore the housing project from the Exotic Group in the Zirakpur area. Redefining luxury, the Exotic Grandeur residential apartments and penthouses are located conveniently at just three kilometres away from the heart of the city of Chandigarh. Boasting of superlative amenities and well-appointed homes with rich interior specifications, Exotic Grandeur is the home of your dreams.

A 5-star rated residential projects in Zirakpur, Exotic grandeur comes equipped with every provision to ensure that homeowners can experience the joys of luxurious living. Superior quality construction under expert supervision and modern fixtures and fittings for enhanced interiors and this is complemented by the neo-classical architecture of the six towers which form part of the project.

4 BHK Flat For Sale in Chandigarh

When it comes to buying a home, the very first thing that every individual potential home buyer wishes to get in order is the finances. It is never a bad idea to calculate the costs and plan ahead when purchasing a home as it can bring long term benefits. However, more often than not, most people end up calculating only the costs of the actual house and forget the extras. These ‘extras’ can be a significant chunk of the price one needs to pay when purchasing a new property and are usually in the form of maintenance charges. Here, we list out some of the types of maintenance charges that are charged to home buyers to simplify the calculations of finances:Read more

Reasons to Buy Property in Zirakpur

Chandigarh, the joint capital of Punjab and Haryana, has always been on the top of real estate destinations in the country. With the development of infrastructure in Chandigarh on a boom in recent years, the development has also spilled over in the neighbouring towns, especially in Zirakpur, a satellite town near Mohali. The demand for residential real estate in Zirakpur is on the rise with more and more working professionals in the IT and manufacturing sectors making a beeline for the town. Buying residential flats in Zirakpur has nowadays become an attractive prospect for those looking to buy their dream home for these reasons:Read more

Flats in Zirakpur

Chandigarh’s presence on the real estate map of the country has always remained a strong one, bolstered in recent years owing to the significant development in the social and physical infrastructure of this metropolitan city. However, the recent spate of developments in Chandigarh has also spilled over to its surroundings, resulting in the rapid progress of the towns in the vicinity of Chandigarh into suitable real estate destinations. Zirakpur, the satellite town off of Chandigarh in Mohali has in fact emerged as one of the prime residential real estate destinations on the back of a number of factors.Read more

Things To Check Before Buying Property

When buying a new residential property, one has to take up extensive research in order to take advantage of the best lifestyle amenities and a comfortable existence. But even after you have shortlisted a flat, there are several factors to take into account in order to get the best value for all the money you are going to be investing. Do not get carried away and be careful to keep the following things in mind before booking a flat in Zirakpur:Read more

Zirakpur Property

The Emergence Of Zirakpur As A Real Estate Destination

In recent years, the area surrounding Chandigarh has seen remarkable development in the real estate sector. The satellite town of Zirakpur in Mohali, which is located quite close to Chandigarh has emerged as a promising new region for those looking for profitable real estate for prospective buyers. The emergence of Zirakpur as a real estate destination for home buyers rides on the back of several important factors.

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