9 Interior Design Tips for your Home

Creating interesting innovative interior designs that make a good first impression on individuals is something that every owner of a place wants.

To help you create impressive interior designs, here are a few ways one can choose to decorate the individual place.

9 Interior Design Tips for your Home

  1. Hang Fascinating Lights

Light can help make or even break the best interior design. It is important to get the lightening right to give a thrilling look at the place. The best choice of lighting is Pendant lamps for a modern home interior. Do make sure to choose something interesting and extraordinary that is unusual design when it comes to pendant lights which can trigger visual focus upward.

  1. Plan design

It is recommended to go for open-plan designs to create a strong impact. It will make your place more spacious than what it actually is.

  1. Eye-catching objects

One of the most interesting ideas that you can apply to your place is to have eye-catching objects, such as crystal accessories, bronze furniture, or decorative pieces of brass or stainless steel. These fascinating interior design ideas will make your space a step ahead of others.

  1. Large plants

Plants make any place stand out whether its outside or inside. If you want to make the interior design stand out, decorate your place with large plants. You can arrange large plants in the hallway or the living room area. Plants also do not cost a lot of money either.

  1. Decorate walls

Wallpaper has been increasingly becoming a trend that is often requested. To impress anyone one must decorate their walls with wallpapers that are attractive and have unusual patterns, color, and designs. You can go for abstracted basic forms that look natural or for colorful designs that turn walls into outstanding art.

  1. White Woodwork

Regardless of the color that you must have chosen for the interior design, you should consider elevating your place with dazzling white woodwork. This interior design for space offers a gentle contrast against brightly colored walls or the dark wooden floors. It also gives a traditional edge to the interior design while making interiors look fresh and elegant.

  1. Go Green

There is nothing more impressive and soothing than decorating the space with environment-friendly pieces. Today usually everyone seems to be going green, make the space stand out by incorporating sustainable and environment-friendly interior design ideas.

  1. Invest in art designs

Art designs can help set the color palette of the interior design. It will surely be in awe upon these expressive pieces hanging on the wall. But if you are trying to create the interior design within budget, you can shop at flea markets for affordable art designs and décor.

  1. Furniture – attractive chairs

Go for a pretty seating area near the entrance door which serves a double purpose. Aside from good looks, you can use the chair while putting your shoes on or taking them off. You can go for a couple of stylish chairs in complementary colors. Whatever you choose do keep in mind that investment in furnishing will make a good instant impression in front of the guests and elevate the look of your home décor.

5 Real Estate Trends That Are Attracting The Buyers

Indian real estate is dynamic and evolving with the changing economic scenarios. The latest trends are being embraced by both developers and buyers. Developers are coming with innovative formats to attract buyers and making efforts to generate more and more demand. As buyers are more inclined towards owning a home than renting, the real estate market is witnessing some major trends that are shaping up the future of Indian Realty. Let’s take a look at the trends that are luring potential home buyers:
5 Real Estate Trends that are attracting the Buyers


Technology is playing a pivotal role in attracting potential home buyers. Artificial intelligence has stormed the real estate industry from online home buying platforms, apps to smart home technologies. Millennial are not just buying houses; they are investing in smart homes. Buyers are targeting home compatibility with technology and smart home features. From high-end security to technologically advanced amenities and appliances, buyers are looking for every small detail that could increase the comfort and convenience level with better automation space. In addition to smart home interiors, technological trends like 3D mobile applications, online buying and selling platform, virtual property tours are appealing to the buyers’ interest.


Another trend catching buyers’ attention is sustainability and the rise of the green homes. Builders are becoming more environmentally conscious and incorporating sustainable features in their housing formats. Buyers are opting for houses that are designed sustainable and have green features. Sustainable housing is the latest trend following clean energy practices. Home buyers are opting for homes built with Eco-friendly construction material, green features like solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems, energy-efficient home appliances, and amenities to decrease their environmental impact. This trend is gradually catching attention and being catered by the builders in the upcoming projects. Eco-friendly concepts at home are a preferred choice of customers aiming for a healthy and active lifestyle.


Buyers are being attracted by the suburbs’ potential to provide an affordable and better quality of living. Customers are increasingly moving towards the suburbs outside the main cities for a better quality of living, serenity, green surroundings and luxurious amenities at affordable prices. The high price of houses in main cities is opening doors for secondary areas offering homes with unmatched values. This trend is likely to grow in 2020 and open more options for potential buyers.


With high competition in the market, builders are coming with unique and luxurious amenities to attract buyers. The era where generation is comfort-driven, thoughtful amenities like swimming pool, movie theater, clubhouse, Meditation Park, laundry service, retail outlets, gym, sports area, etc are increasing the demand of homes with unique features. Buyers are not ready to comprise on the extra amenities that give their dream homes edge over the average home. This trend has been embraced by the builders with open arms and the luxurious amenities are now been considered as a necessity.

While the above trends are popular among the buyers and gradually securing their place in the real estate market, in-depth research could help you anticipate the shifts in the above trends.

Real Estate Transformation Through Digitization

The digital transformation of the real estate industry has gained momentum in recent times. Digitization has positively influenced and transformed almost every industry. The wave of innovation and competition is taking over all the sectors and hence the use of digitization has become the need of the hour. It not only transforms the core processes but also helps to improve the functionalities of the system. The advent of digitization shows the possible potential of the real estate industry and the revolution it could bring to the world of realty.

The time is not too far when the digital business models would dramatically replace the conventional methods and steps. The real estate industry has already witnessed some major changes and strongly renewed with the proliferation of the digital era which has bridged the gap between the builders and the consumers.

Let us take a look at how digitization could transform the real estate industry and open the doors to a new world in near future:

Real Estate Transformation through Digitization


Virtual and Augmented Realty

The emerging technologies like Virtual Realty (VR) and Augmented Realty (AR) are offering unmatched experience to the buyers and sellers. The augmented realty tool allows its users, to view the property through an internet device. As compared to conventional method of viewing the property via images, VR and AR help buyers to delve into the details as good as a live review. Customers can view the property on a click of a button on their phones with access to world-class resolution and 360-degree tour through 3D renderings. Hence customers can experience the final product without being physically present at the site.

Interactive Modelling

Digitization is a boon for builders as well as buyers. Interactive modelling is transforming the way real estate projects are being constructed. From planning, designing, architecture to construction, the 3D model-based software helps engineering professionals to optimally utilize the resources.

Artificial Intelligence

AI-powered digitization is on the rise. AI is a smart technology that consciously collects and perceives the surrounding environment (data) and responds independently to make decisions. The usage of AI is not only restricted to the improvement of operational tasks but focused on revolutionizing the decision making process. Developers are constantly relying on AI algorithms to have accurate insights about market trends, preferences of buyers and improvement areas to identify the pattern and closely examine the possible future scenarios to base their decisions. The usage of artificial intelligence is spread over the various division of real estate i.e. transaction and data management, property valuation and management, potential investment areas, etc.

To conclude, Real estate is one of the fastest-growing industries. In an era where people are dependent majorly on the internet for everything, the digitization of real estate market is all the more important. While the above methods have already entered the real estate market, there are other areas of technology like Blockchain that are just standing around the corner to revolutionize the core of real estate and make the real estate business more transparent, accurate and efficient.

Navigating Your Way Through The Basics Of Purchasing A Property

Investing in a property can be intimidating. If you are planning to purchase a property it is very important to understand the basics of real estate and navigate your way into the world of real estate.  From taxation, legal formalities, certifications to value of the property, taking care of the required checks can put you into a better position to own a property. While it is recommended to take the help of the expert, there are certain parameters that are to be taken into consideration before locking the deal.

Navigating your way through the basics of purchasing a property

Title deed

Title deed is the document that gives you the right and ownership of the property. Identify the nature of the title leasehold or freehold. Ensure all the required documents are stamped and duly registered.

Approvals and Certifications

Ensure the builder has the required approvals for construction of the property like RERA certification, building plan and layout. From approval of building plan by local municipal authorities, approvals for water, electricity, fire safety to environmental clearance by government and concerned regulatory authorities.

Check on the list of possession of mandatory certificated with the seller. It includes commencement certificate, no objection certificate (NOC), completion certificate, certificate of no encumbrance and occupancy certificate. Checking the above-mentioned documents will help a smooth transaction and avoid any legal issues.

Sale Agreement

Make sure to thoroughly check the sale agreement to safeguard yourself from any legal complication. The document includes terms and conditions, possession date, property specifications, legal implications etc. The document is to be shown in original at the time of purchase of property and acquiring a home loan.

Letter of allotment

It is one of the important documents required at the time of purchasing a house. It is issued by the concerned authorities or the developer and includes the description of the property and the payment made. It is issued to the first owner and the letter is transferred to the subsequent buyers at the time of final deal.

Property Tax receipts

Duly paid property tax is the assurance that the seller has all the valid documents. Hence, verify the property tax receipts and ensure that there are no pending dues.

Along with the above mentioned legal checklist, it is important to consider the below parameters for sealing the deal:

  • Manage your finances- Set a budget and consider the total cost of the shortlisted property.
  • Decide on the type of property you want to invest in- Be mindful about selecting the type of house which would be suitable for you and your family in long term.
  • Check on the builder’s reputation-Do a 360-degree research about the builder starting from a number of projects, quality of construction, financial strength, possession time and customer reviews.
  • Have clarity on the size of the property- Be aware of the difference between the carpet area, built-up area, super built-up area.
  • Location matters- Pick up a location that is accessible and has good connectivity.

So let’s get started with the above real estate roadmap and jump start on owning your dream home.

Your Guide To Save Money For Buying Your Dream Adobe

If you are planning to buy a house in the year 2020 then the first thing you need to do is structured and focused financial planning. While the process of buying a home remains the same as in 2019 but arranging funds for the final deal could be a little challenging.  Buying a house is a privilege for many and all you need is a planned approach for securing the funds at an early stage. The demand for the residential real estate is on the rise as buyers are leaning towards owning property than renting. So a little planning could take you a long way when it comes to buying your ideal adobe:

Your Guide To Save Money For Buying Your Dream Adobe

Compare the interest rates

The very first way to save while buying a house is by comparing the home loan interest rates offered by various banks. Opt for the bank which is providing a combination of low-interest rates, good service, and various offers. Even a variation of point percentage could make a huge difference on the home loan taken for the duration of 15 to 20 years. Hence the major differentiator for saving while buying property.

Negotiation with the seller

Research thoroughly on existing market rates and negotiate with the seller accordingly. Avoid accepting offers shared by the developer or seller without complete market research on the property value, existing trends, amenities offered, re-sale value, location accessibility and carpet area of the flat. Besides a good discount on the deal, you could negotiate on furnishing cost and customize amenities to lower the final price.

Under construction properties

You can also save money by grabbing a good deal for properties under construction. Ready to move in properties are expensive as compared to properties under construction or near to completion/possession. Look out for ongoing projects from reputed developers and go for the backgrounds check keeping in view the required certifications like RERA registration.

Government schemes

Check out the various Government schemes to avoid missing out on getting a property in subsidized rates. In-case you meet the set criteria you can save a lot on your first time home buying spree. One such scheme is Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme (CLSS) under the PMAY (Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna). The scheme caters to majority of the segments like lower income group and middle-income group.

Plan your finances regularly

As buying a home drains out the majority of your savings, it is all the more important to save regularly via Systematic Investment Plans (SIP). This type of investment customizable and could be planned as per your income.  You could also opt for Mutual fund investments and can invest into them via SIP. It is must to be ready with the down payment months before the final deal to ensure a smooth process.

Prepare yourself in the year 2020 for homeownership by planning your finances, saving up for the final deal, minimizing your debts, improving your credit score and most importantly by being patient. Turn your dream into reality by implementing the above tips and secure the leys of your new adobe.

Hacks For A Perfect Move

Moving into a new home is one of the most complicated tasks and could be stressful for you and your family.  Unless you are a person who is minimalist, the day of moving could be full of chaos.  From proactive planning to budgeting and creating a checklist of all the items, we have just the right set of tips for you to move into your new adobe like a pro:

Hacks for a perfect move

De-clutter and organize

The very first step after your decision to move into a new home is to de-clutter your house.  Get rid of things that you would not require in your new home. Get your stuff organized by grouping and categorizing the items of each room. Make a checklist of the items that are fragile and need extra care and prepare in advance for the things required for packing and labelling the boxes.

Coordination with the moving company

Coordinate with your moving company in advance and explain the requirement in detail about the type of items to be moved. List down the heavy stuff and the extra boxes requirement to your moving company to avoid any disagreements on the day of moving. Check out the online reviews of the shortlisted company prior to booking to ensure smooth movement.

Label it all the way

At the time of packing, we tend to forget that unpacking is an equally tedious task. It is important to label all the boxes to ensure a hassle-free completion of moving into a new home. Although the moving companies ensure the proper packing of your stuff room wise. However, it is important to get everything packed and labelled in your presence. Label each side of the box so that you could identify the required one from the stack.

Pack your valuables in advance

Make sure that you store your valuable in advance. From jewellery to important documents, have a separate bag for keeping your precious items to avoid misplacement.

Separate kit for essentials

Running through the packed boxes immediately after moving could be cumbersome and ruin your perfectly planned packing strategy. Hence, keep all your essentials in a separate bag or box for your ease. This could include your daily use items like toothbrush, toiletries, delicates, and your night wear and prescribed medicines.

Avoid wastage

Green your move by reusing the boxes, bubble wraps, newspapers, etc. Avoid overusing the packaging material and aim for optimal utilization of resources. Try and reduce waste by using reusable material. Start collecting and saving up the cartons and boxes few weeks in advance.

Measurement of new home

Make sure you have the blueprint of your new home for guiding the movers to place your furniture. Decide in advance the placement of items in each room of your new adobe. This would help you to save time and place your belongings right in the first go.

Are you ready to move? Break down all your steps into simple tasks and make fond memories of day one in your new home.

Decorate Your Home – New Year 2020

The year-end holidays are the best and the last chance to bring a new change to our life. The beginning of the year is the time to celebrate the last year. The perfect way to celebrate the past year is by decorating your house and calling in your friends and relatives for a New Year party. Every room has its own mood and as home-owner, you can enhance it by decorating it in a subtle, crafty and yet classy way.  Below are some ideas for decoration that will set the mood for everyone and will bring along with it new beginnings, promises, and opportunities.

Decorate Your Home – New Year 2020

All-time favourite balloons

Balloons are never out of trend. The easiest, fastest and the most creative way to decorate the house is by filling a corner or room with colourful and bright balloons. Helium balloons are the most attractive way to decorate every inch of the ceiling with silver and golden colours. The 2020 golden foil balloons are perfect for the occasion.

Paper lanterns

The evergreen choice for any festive decoration are the paper lanterns. Traditionally, candles occupied the entryway and other corners of the home. In the recent times, creative and attractive lanterns are the favorite ways to decorate the space. Along with this, as the clock hits midnight, you can set the lanterns off and fill the sky with happiness.

Dining accessories

The much-needed change for this year is to decorate the dining or coffee table with crystal coasters to add natural glittering effect. There are various lovely and unique accessories for the tables that are available at affordable prices.


The overall look and feel enhancer for any room are its curtains and curtain rods. The trend these days are of drapes and drape panels. They come in various attractive styles like European, retro and in materials like linen, velvet and etc. The panels for the curtains come in several designs and patterns.

Wind Chimes

The rhythmic music of the wind chimes are the most relaxing and refreshing sound at home. The beautiful melodies add magical touch and vibration in the atmosphere. The home-made wind chimes are another creative and innovative add on for your decoration.


An instant feel of party and celebrations could be added by playing around with confetti decorations. They act as mood amplifiers and add a positive and fun feel to the space. There are infinite decoration ideas and ways that one can use to add the brightness, creativity, and uniqueness to the home décor.

Party accessories

No celebration is complete without the standard glittery banners and other party accessories. To add a style to it, one can go for disco balls as a creative add on to the decoration. To give it a party feel, stars, clocks, hats, tiaras, horns and etc for the guests is the most favorite way of all.


No artificial light can replace the aura and warmth of the candle lights. With modern designs and stylish holders, the candles add a classy touch to the space. They are simple, sleek, trendy and yet affordable. Try the above ideas and add a bright and new start to the decade – 2020.

Houseplants For Better Indoor Air Quality

Houseplants are an essential component to improve indoor air quality. These humble indoor plants not just purify the air inside your home but also sweeten it up with fragrance. They brighten up your home and have the quality to boost up your mood with their amazing qualities. They are no longer the luxurious home decor accessories but have become a necessity for those living in polluted urban areas.

Longing for a little greenery but not sure when it comes to picking the right plants and style? We bring you the gorgeous green ideas for a thriving indoor garden to match your aesthetics.

Houseplants for Better Indoor Air Quality

The right kind of plant

Selecting the right type of plant that could thrive in an indoor environment is very important. There are varieties of tropical plants like palm, ferns, aloe vera, orchids, peace lily. Tropical houseplants are easy to grow indoors and add an exotic flair to your home.


Different plants require different lighting. Examine the light conditions inside your home. The places you feel are bright could be much darker for your plants. Some plants need direct sunlight and some plants require indirect light and some need low light. Plants like Cacti require bright sunlight.

Green display

Looking for a gorgeous display of your houseplants? Styling your home with plants depends on the amount of space available and the lifestyle you choose to display. From the themes like an urban oasis, rustic to minimalistic, opt for the display that you could easily maintain and resonate with your aesthetic taste. Choosing the right room or space for the plant is important too.

  • Create a living wall with trailing houseplants. If you want to add an instant fresh feel then this display is the best alternative for a conventional gallery wall. This kind of set up is mostly seen in entry points of the home or living room galleries.
  • Create an indoor hanging wall garden with the help of herbs this kind of set up is suitable for Kitchen and even your living room. If you are short of surface space then you can go for hanging plants by grouping them for a contemporary feel.
  • If you desire for a natural feel then go for indoor urban jungle with oversized potted plants. Give your living room an earthy feel with humongous and leafy tropical plants.
  • Go for mid-century inspired display which is a blend of sophistication and dramatic plants. Step up your pot game with metallic finish planters for adding a pop of bold vibe. Choose delicate houseplants to achieve this look and make a statement by creating an ideal dining space.
  • Opting for a minimalistic theme is in trend and low maintenance. Mini and small potted house plants can make even a simple coffee table look alive and fresh. It is an ideal choice for green display in every room of your house. This type of display is eye-catching and adds a modern look to your home.

Creating an indoor garden is much easier than you think. They bring a fresh vibe and feel to your home. So use our tips for picking, potting and caring for your plants to keep them growing strong.

Ready-To-Move Apartments

The thought of owning a home brings along with it an endless list of formalities and unknown documentation. As a home-buyer, one wishes to have a Jacuzzi installed, with technology-based amenities and everything else at an affordable price. The challenge with this is that one tends to ignore the home buyer checklist and end up stretching their budgets. Buying a home indeed is an emotional decision and that is why it is should be taken very cautiously.

Ready-To-Move Apartments

Once invested in a home, there are minimal chances that one would think to switch to another home again in the next few years. Since every home has memories attached to it which makes it the toughest decision to sell it off. The ready-to-move flats are the best choice for buyers who need immediate relocation. The delays that are involved in the under-construction properties brings more reluctance to invest in them. The apartments which are well-built could get immediate buyers as well for the resale. Although, the apartments which are ready for possession are at a higher price level and they come up with there own benefits.

You Own it The Moment You Invest It

The ready-to-move apartments are called so as one can immediately move into the house. The keys of the house would be handed to the buyer as soon as the full cost of the property is made. For hassle-free relocation, the buyer should take care of the loan being sanctioned, EMI’s involved and other payment methods. On the contrary, one has to wait for a minimum 3 to 5 years in case of the under-construction property. In this fast-paced life, the preferences and designs would change at any moment.

Low-Risk Investment

There are no delays in the possession when one opts for ready-to-move apartments. It is a common challenge of delay in possession in under-construction properties. Only a reputed builder could be considered for trust. Along with this, the apartments which are ready could give instant relief from the rent. In the other case, the EMI and as well as the rents go parallel while waiting for the possession.

What You See is The Actual Reality

The flats which are visualized on magazine covers and sold on papers have several discrepancies when they are finally available for the investor. Once they are built, there is no way of going back, since the investment has already crossed the halfway (in most of the cases). In the case of homes which are ready for possession gives the benefit of inspection and feedback from the neighbors or existing owners. Till the time, the buyer is not convinced with the property and the fitted amenities, there is no need for any investment.

Cost Credibility

The one major benefit of opting for constructed properties is that there is no chance of increased cost due to any unavoidable reasons. The moment the property is booked, the final amount gets freeze. Unlike in the case of properties in progress, the cost could be affected by many  governmental and other driving factors

If as a home-buyer, you have a restricted budget, ready-to-move apartments are the best-suited choice for you and your family.

What Makes A City SMART?

The central government is focused on transforming the major cities under the SMART city mission. Currently, the target is to develop 100 cities with modern facilities, infrastructure, and support by 2023. There is no universal definition that could define a smart city in its true sense. The idea of this varies from individual to individual, city to city, location to location and country to country. The transformation of a city depends upon the level of development, resources, flexibility to change and reform along with the support and help of the city residents.

What Makes A City SMART

The smart city mission would only be possible if the builders aim to develop an urban ecosystem. The ecosystem includes comprehensive development of the physical, social, institutional and economic infrastructure. There is no magic wand that can bring this change at once, this has to be incremental and gradually in layers. The cities that have adequate water supply, sanitation, and waste management system, assured electricity supply, efficient commute facility, digitization and etc are few core infrastructure elements in a smart city. For the true success of the Smart city mission and developing smart cities involves below a few points:

Employment Opportunities – Globally, the world is adapting to modern technologies and with machine learning and artificial intelligence, automation is being considered as a threat to several job opportunities. A smart city should efficiently utilize technology and create more employment in the city. The city should promote entrepreneurs to contribute to job creation. Co-workspace and incubators are infrastructure innovations that offer the platform (especially for IT and ITES domain) to invest and promote jobs in the city.

Digitization for daily needs – With the introduction of UPI by the central government has brought a revolutionary transformation in the country. The reforms like demonetization clearly shows that enforcement of digital transaction is the ultimate way to improve digitization. For a smart city, simple digital changes are required which the residents could use regularly on a daily basis. The local vendors turning into digital payment options, POS machines, QR Codes and NFC payments. Along with this, e-spark centers where all municipal related guidelines, schemes, bill payments, documents submission and etc could also be included.

Security for all – A city cannot be entitled as “smart” unless and until it has a modern security and safety measures installed. The state governments should install cameras, new artificial intelligent techniques, advanced security scanners and systems and data-driven crime mapping around the corners of the cities. The high traffic areas like hospitals, schools, colleges, market shops, and etc should be kept under surveillance and monitored using automated algorithms and smart ways to reach to the nearest hospital or police station in the case of emergency. The design of the security system should be such that it is meant for the safety of every resident of the city.

While the above points are a must for a smart city but the list does not end here. Affordable housing, Housing for all, and creating walkable localities play an important role too. This Smart City mission would only be possible if the central, state government and the residents work together in harmony.