Ready-To-Move Apartments

The thought of owning a home brings along with it an endless list of formalities and unknown documentation. As a home-buyer, one wishes to have a Jacuzzi installed, with technology-based amenities and everything else at an affordable price. The challenge with this is that one tends to ignore the home buyer checklist and end up stretching their budgets. Buying a home indeed is an emotional decision and that is why it is should be taken very cautiously.

Ready-To-Move Apartments

Once invested in a home, there are minimal chances that one would think to switch to another home again in the next few years. Since every home has memories attached to it which makes it the toughest decision to sell it off. The ready-to-move flats are the best choice for buyers who need immediate relocation. The delays that are involved in the under-construction properties brings more reluctance to invest in them. The apartments which are well-built could get immediate buyers as well for the resale. Although, the apartments which are ready for possession are at a higher price level and they come up with there own benefits.

You Own it The Moment You Invest It

The ready-to-move apartments are called so as one can immediately move into the house. The keys of the house would be handed to the buyer as soon as the full cost of the property is made. For hassle-free relocation, the buyer should take care of the loan being sanctioned, EMI’s involved and other payment methods. On the contrary, one has to wait for a minimum 3 to 5 years in case of the under-construction property. In this fast-paced life, the preferences and designs would change at any moment.

Low-Risk Investment

There are no delays in the possession when one opts for ready-to-move apartments. It is a common challenge of delay in possession in under-construction properties. Only a reputed builder could be considered for trust. Along with this, the apartments which are ready could give instant relief from the rent. In the other case, the EMI and as well as the rents go parallel while waiting for the possession.

What You See is The Actual Reality

The flats which are visualized on magazine covers and sold on papers have several discrepancies when they are finally available for the investor. Once they are built, there is no way of going back, since the investment has already crossed the halfway (in most of the cases). In the case of homes which are ready for possession gives the benefit of inspection and feedback from the neighbors or existing owners. Till the time, the buyer is not convinced with the property and the fitted amenities, there is no need for any investment.

Cost Credibility

The one major benefit of opting for constructed properties is that there is no chance of increased cost due to any unavoidable reasons. The moment the property is booked, the final amount gets freeze. Unlike in the case of properties in progress, the cost could be affected by many  governmental and other driving factors

If as a home-buyer, you have a restricted budget, ready-to-move apartments are the best-suited choice for you and your family.

What Makes A City SMART?

The central government is focused on transforming the major cities under the SMART city mission. Currently, the target is to develop 100 cities with modern facilities, infrastructure, and support by 2023. There is no universal definition that could define a smart city in its true sense. The idea of this varies from individual to individual, city to city, location to location and country to country. The transformation of a city depends upon the level of development, resources, flexibility to change and reform along with the support and help of the city residents.

What Makes A City SMART

The smart city mission would only be possible if the builders aim to develop an urban ecosystem. The ecosystem includes comprehensive development of the physical, social, institutional and economic infrastructure. There is no magic wand that can bring this change at once, this has to be incremental and gradually in layers. The cities that have adequate water supply, sanitation, and waste management system, assured electricity supply, efficient commute facility, digitization and etc are few core infrastructure elements in a smart city. For the true success of the Smart city mission and developing smart cities involves below a few points:

Employment Opportunities – Globally, the world is adapting to modern technologies and with machine learning and artificial intelligence, automation is being considered as a threat to several job opportunities. A smart city should efficiently utilize technology and create more employment in the city. The city should promote entrepreneurs to contribute to job creation. Co-workspace and incubators are infrastructure innovations that offer the platform (especially for IT and ITES domain) to invest and promote jobs in the city.

Digitization for daily needs – With the introduction of UPI by the central government has brought a revolutionary transformation in the country. The reforms like demonetization clearly shows that enforcement of digital transaction is the ultimate way to improve digitization. For a smart city, simple digital changes are required which the residents could use regularly on a daily basis. The local vendors turning into digital payment options, POS machines, QR Codes and NFC payments. Along with this, e-spark centers where all municipal related guidelines, schemes, bill payments, documents submission and etc could also be included.

Security for all – A city cannot be entitled as “smart” unless and until it has a modern security and safety measures installed. The state governments should install cameras, new artificial intelligent techniques, advanced security scanners and systems and data-driven crime mapping around the corners of the cities. The high traffic areas like hospitals, schools, colleges, market shops, and etc should be kept under surveillance and monitored using automated algorithms and smart ways to reach to the nearest hospital or police station in the case of emergency. The design of the security system should be such that it is meant for the safety of every resident of the city.

While the above points are a must for a smart city but the list does not end here. Affordable housing, Housing for all, and creating walkable localities play an important role too. This Smart City mission would only be possible if the central, state government and the residents work together in harmony.


NRI Investments in India

Non-Residents Indian (NRI) is one of the most prominent segments contributing in Indian real estate. A major chunk of inward remittance in India is through NRIs, which is mostly invested in land and properties. NRIs' investments in Indian realty are pouring in as the last connect of them with their motherland. These properties are used by them when they visit India or kept as a place to retire and settle in the future. Though they can invest in India just like other Indian citizens, however, they enjoy various perks and more tax benefits. With the recent depreciation in Indian Rupee, it is a very lucrative time for NRIs to buy properties in India.  Plus the recent government reforms have made foreign investments easier, hence, creating a favorable environment for Indian real estate sector.

NRI Investments in India

Defining NRI

NRIs (Non- resident Indians) also known as PIOs (Persons of Indian Origin) are people who are of Indian origin, birth or descendant but living outside India. An NRI can purchase any immovable property in India except agricultural land. The investments should abide by the rules and regulations of the Reserve Bank of India and the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA).

Type of Property for Investment

The investment option depends on the objective of purchasing the property. NRIs first preference has always been residential properties. However, if the objective is to have regular returns then commercial properties like office spaces, logistics spaces, REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) etc. are recommended for investment in Indian real estate.

Payment modes

Financial transactions by NRIs at the time of purchasing any property in India can be processed through funds held in Non-Resident External (NRE), Foreign Currency Non-Resident (FCNR) or Non-Resident Ordinary (NRO) accounts maintained by them in India. NRIs can also avail home loans in India currency for buying property in India as per their respective credit eligibility. Loan can be taken up to 80 percent of the property value. The loan can be further repaid via NRE/NRO/FCNR accounts or inward remittance through banking channels.

Tax Implications

As per the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA), there are certain tax deductions available for NRIs. Income generated or accrued in India will be taxable in India as per Indian rules and regulations. Hence, any rental income accrued by NRI from the property in India is taxable. It is also implied on any sale of property in India which is taxable for an NRI as per applicable slab rates.

An NRI can claim the standard deduction of 30 percent, deduct property taxes and benefit from interest deduction in case of home loan. Under Section 80C of Income Tax Act, 1961, NRI is allowed a deduction of principal repayment as well.

A careful assessment of Foreign Exchange Regulations and tax implications on buying property in India can help NRIs to make wise decisions and make the most out of their investments in Indian real estate. The regulations include the limit of remittances from India, type of bank accounts, Income tax deductions, required documents, etc. Prior to an investment in India, it is suggested that NRIs confirm on their resident status to avail maximum benefits and hassle-free transactions at the time of purchase.

Decrypting Real Estate Terminologies

The Real estate industry has seen tremendous growth in the past decade, as owning a house is one of the most common dreams of every person in India. Buyers make checklists and must-have lists before they start house hunting, however, it's difficult for a layman to understand the Industry jargon and terminologies. For first time home buyers, it becomes difficult to get hold of the actual meaning of the terminologies being used by builders and dealers. Hence, it is very important for buyers to educate themselves with the real estate basics to avoid confusions and disappointments.

To start with, let us decrypt the real estate jargons to clear out your doubts before your next purchase:

Decrypting Real Estate Terminologies

Title deed

Title deed is a legal document that is proof of ownership of a particular person over the property.  Title deeds can be obtained from the Registry office of the region. While purchasing any property ensure that the title deed is on the name of the person you are dealing with. Avoid making real estate transactions based on the Power of Attorney.

Freehold property

Freehold property is one that is free from the hold of any entity besides the owner. The owner of the freehold property has the complete ownership and right to sell the property or to use it for any purpose as per the legal regulations. The tile of the freehold property is easily transferable to the buyer.

Leasehold property

A leasehold property is leased by the freeholder for a specific period of time. The lease is transferable to another person with the consent of the lessor. The lease period varies from 30 years to 99 years. At the end of the lease period, the existing owner has to pay to extend the lease.

Carpet area

The carpet area is the floor area that you will be able to utilize. It does not include the walls but only considers the area that can be carpeted. The balcony or terrace is also included in the carpet area. The more the carpet area more the space you will get. Carpet area is another major deciding factor while purchasing a house.

Built-up area

The built-up area includes the carpet area plus the walls and doors. The built-up area is usually 15-20 percent more than the carpet area as it adds the area covered by doors and walls. Builders quote the prices of the property based on the built-up area.

Super built-up area

The super built-up area covers carpet area along with doors and walls and common areas. Common area includes parking, reception, lift lobbies and other common spaces in the building meant for common usage by the residents of the building. These spaces are not exclusive to your property, hence, be careful where the projects are being advertised by builders based on a super built-up area.

It is very important to have a basic understanding of these terms before you start looking out to invest in residential real estate. Knowledge of the above terminologies can help you to have a clear picture of the property you are about to buy. Also, you would be in a better state to ask your queries to the builder and make a wise decision.

Grand amenities are a new necessity in today’s era. The quality of the project is determined by the facilities and amenities it offers. 4 bhk flats in Panchkula are the preferred choice of buyers who wants to be pampered by the sheer luxury and experience the high class living with utmost comfort.

3 bhk, 4 bhk 5 bhk flats in Panchkula

Buying a home is the biggest investment of your life and the final decision could be full of a delightful and overwhelming experience. The right amount of planning and preparation before calling it a deal helps you to make a wise decision. The very first step is to start to look around for existing options. 4 bhk flats in Panchkula are a good step to begin the window-shopping. The 4 bhk apartments in Panchkula include all necessary and desirable features for your new home. A checklist is a must in case of buying a new home. There are many factors that are involved in a financial plan, checks for builders, locations, size, interiors, legal checks, etc. Your checklist will help you refine your search in the real estate market. If you are looking for an apartment then 5 bhk flats in Panchkula are the recommended choice by experts.

The ready to move spacious property is equipped with the extended built-up area, modern amenities, open area, and royal experience. If you are a first-time home buyer, then it is advised that you get in touch with the expert property developers who have experience with building homes with minimum size as 3 bhk and 4 bhk in Panchkula. You would need a dedicated team to help you find your dream home with a personalized experience.

4 bhk Apartments in Panchkula

Once you have seen some properties around, the next step would be doing an affordability check along with your preference list. Every property located in Panchkula offers its own unique features and luxuries to meet the modern housing concept. You should start with a reasonable amount to invest in real estate. There are various ways one can improve their credit score which helps in setting a financial plan. If need be one should get advice from bank professionals on down payment options, loan amount, tenure of loan and etc. The Panchkula flats 3 bhk, 4\5 bhk are all ready to move and available at affordable prices based on your needs. While luxury come with a cost and is like an added advantage for a better experience. But the basic amenities are valuable items and should not be overlooked.

flats in Panchkula

The 4 bhk apartments in Panchkula are developed in the land where proximity to the necessary items like public transportation, lower noise levels in the neighborhood, high-tech safety measures, efficient utilities - gasoline pipes, drainage systems, electricity points are inbuilt features. Specific care has been taken for the ventilation, natural light, size of rooms, bathrooms, and quality of material used in the kitchen, and etc. The most important thing to remember in the house hunt process is to be optimistic and flexible. Consider re-assessing and prioritizing your checklist as per the price range and availability. Re-evaluate and readjust your expectations as per the ongoing market trends. Narrow down on the features that are necessary and cannot be compromised on.

4 bhk, 5 bhk flats in Panchkula

If you need a touch of luxury in your life at affordable prices, then 4 bhk flats in Panchkula are the best option. If you have more budget then you can also go for 5 bhk flats in Zirakpur & Panchkula. Your home is not just the symbol of your standard of living but a place that represents you. The flats in the region come with the finest of amenities and architecture that sweeps you off your feet in a first glance. The market value of the region, as well as the residential project in this upcoming suburb, is increasing at a very fast pace.

Hence, giving a push to development in this region. 4 bhk flats in Panchkula in the exotic group are the best buy for people looking for open area, grandeur, and modernity. The architecture of the property is aesthetically pleasing with tailor-made features. Before you indulge in the shopping spree, make a checklist of the must-have features of your dream home. Set your budget and look out for affordable options. Keep a check on your credit score. Research on the various loan scheme available for the buyers. Don’t over-leverage yourself. Educate yourself with government regulation.

4 bhk flats in Panchkula for sale

The price trend of 4 bhk apartments in Panchkula shows an upward trend. The region is economical and has a low operating cost for growing businesses. It is an emerging hub for the best universities and schools. It is attracting many students looking for rentals and PG. The transportation system within the city and surrounding areas is affluent. The development of the area and its surroundings has led to mushrooming of townships. Exotic Grandeur is one such project that has given new meaning to luxury and the first green residential project in Punjab. Various townships are giving the edge to their apartment by adding out of the box amenities. As buyers are valuing the luxurious touches in their homes, the demand of 4 bhk apartments in Panchkula has risen.

4 bhk flats in Panchkula for sale


If you are planning to buy your dream home opt for 5 star rated projects like Exotic Grandeur. Go beyond the standard features like car parking and splurge a little more in luxuries like swimming pool, power backup and 24/7 Wifi connectivity.


Look out for grand amenities like Gym facilities, mini theatre, clubhouse, and play area. Another important feature you tend to miss out is the green quotient of the project. Invest in 4 bhk in Panchkula which is energy efficient and made of eco-friendly construction material. Green homes support features like solar panels, rainwater harvesting, energy-efficient lights, green landscapes, premium quality paints, etc. To ensure the health of your family verify if the project is GRIHA (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment) certified. Besides these features, library, lounges, and playrooms are new trends creating their place in residential real estate. To ensure easy access to luxury living,


The region facilitates its residents with enhanced transportation and connectivity with NH 22, Chandigarh-Panchkula-Shimla highway. Our property in the segment of 4 bhk in Panchkula is located in Panchkula at the serene ad pollution free area. From 4 bhk flats in Panchkula to penthouses, the real estate market in this satellite town has a variety of options for every potential buyer. For affordable housing Panchkula flats 3bhk is the best choice.

Due to the availability of ample space, townships in this area support huge car parking, open area, more built-up area, clubhouse and amenities on every floor of the building. Look out for various discounts being provided in the festival season. Be aware of the various government reforms and policies to optimize the benefits provided. So add these tips in your checklist and go for reputed projects like the Exotic group. We are your one-stop-shop for all the features you want in your dream home.

Panchkula flats 3 bhk

The ‘Real Estate Regulation and Development Act (RERA)’ has made things easier and transparent for buyers. Check the neighborhood you are investing in. Pay special attention to the security factor while buying the flat. The Panchkula flats 3 bhk and above are a must-visit. Check the creditability of the builder. Verify documents like no objection certificate, commencement certificates, environmental clearance, completion certificate, etc. With the completion of the six-lane highway, real estate in the area is drawing attention from investors.

The Panchkula-Kalka highway and Chandigarh-Ambala and Patiala highway merge in this city making it a central place. Development of airport road has also contributed to the popularity of the area. With an increase in residential projects, many retail brands like the decathlon, Metro and best price have come up with their outlets in the city. Zirakur is in the close proximity of the City beautiful Chandigarh. It has amazing connectivity with Mohali and Chandigarh as well. It is near to Chandigarh IT park and 4 bhk apartments in Panchkula are the preferred choice of the millennial.

The area has a variety of eating joints starting from Mcdonalds, Nik bakers, Pizza hut, Dominoes, etc. With a growing residential population, there is a growth in institutes and top companies as well in the area. The fast-paced development has led to the creation of rental income for the investors too. Make a personalized checklist and begin your search for a home in this emerging hotspot.

Ready to Move 4 bhk in Panchkula

Ready to Move 4 bhk in PanchkulaWhat is expensive is not always a luxury. A luxury home is a property that would leave you mesmerized and provide a first-class living atmosphere in the style of years to come. The ready to move 4 bhk flats in Panchkula and Panchkula flats 3 bhk is equipped with modern amenities, open spaces, facilities and etc. While the overall experience of the property is royal, lavish and luxurious but luxury is subjective.

Every individual can have their definition of luxury and it can be completely different than the others. For some the modern appliances, architecture, and floor of the building can be a luxury and for some open area with lush green view, less of the crowd, king-size rooms would be a luxury. Before you start looking for a new home for your family you should first create a checklist of things that are part of your dream and passion. It is then advised to get in touch with the industry experts as the first step when you plan to choose a property to buy from 5 bhk flats in Panchkula.

5 bhk flats in Panchkula

Not all builders have the experience and specialization in luxury homes. This makes it tough to search for a reliable and successful property developer who deals in high-end property. The exotic group is one of the real estate pundits that you can get in touch with if you are looking for a ready to move 4 bhk in Panchkula which are spacious, comfortable and peaceful home just as personalized for you and your family. The exotic team would help you with a thorough examination of the property as a considerable amount of investment is involved in it and the buyer would expect it to fetch good returns in the future. The property is equipped with the latest features with the more built-up areas and flexible allotment of rooms that will keep the family together and yet giving them the desired comfort, privacy, and convenience.

As a buyer, you can also do a comparative study of the properties between builders and even with modern villas which will help you in your decision. The flats located in Panchkula are ready to move and near to the airport road, the high-tech facilities, with play area, enough car parking space, power backup facilities along the security and safety measures make the property the choice of housing for all. The value of the property is fundamentally directly related to the well-being of the location. After real estate market research of activities nearby and next government plans for the neighborhood, the properties in Exotic Grandeur are the only best option for the home-buyer. It is worth to spend time to explore Panchkula flats 3 bhk, 4 & 5 bhk before taking the final decision.

Why Choose Panchkula flats 3 bhk, 4 bhk or 5 bhk at the Exotic Group

Chandigarh has outstretched its options in the real estate market. This brings more opportunities for nearby areas like Panchkula which is gradually becoming one of the most popular and optimal choices for investors and home-buyers. The ready to move 4 bhk flats in Panchkula are equipped with sensational architecture, incredible amenities, and world-class landscaping. With the introduction of new technology advancements and innovation, the region becomes an ideal preference for your new home and investing in property.

3 bhk flats in panchkula

The city is covered around 3 major states – Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, and Punjab. The Department of Housing and Urban Development has been actively passing authorizations to frame policies, schemes, and plans for the investment opportunities in the region. The city would witness more economic growth and townships in upcoming years. The city also offers easy and quick connectivity to the major cities like Chandigarh, Ambala, Shimla and other adjacent areas. The new connecting roads and availability of day to day amenities - Big Bazaar, Best Price and etc makes the living even more comfortable and stress-free.

Flats for sale in Panchkula

The 5 bhk flats in Panchkula are the best specimen of modern built up area, luxury, and comfort. Luxury homes are the new buzz in the real estate market. The region offers the best in class luxury apartments. The residential project in the area focuses on modern amenities like swimming pool, play area, clubhouse, imported tiles floor of the building, and more space for car parking. Investors can choose flats (3, 4, and 5 BHK) as per their own convenience and budget. All of the townships are equipped with modern security, power backup and safety techniques and measures. Thus, making it a perfect selection for your new home. In and around the area there are excellent opportunities for students with colleges like Chitkara University, SUS Group of Colleges, etc.

The new educational hub offers great possibilities for rental income, also being the leading location, it is attracting more commercial investors too. With Chandigarh IT park, companies in Panchkula and Quark City in Mohali being close to Panchkula flats 3 bhk, 4 & 5 bhk offers the professional class to consider location as their top choice for investing. The Exotic Grandeur offers the best in class architecture, design, grand amenities. It is located in Panchkula on Chandigarh-Panchkula-Shimla Highway, with 3kms away from the city beautiful and 4kms away from the airport road. The property gives the utmost living experience that would redefine the standard of living.

3 bhk, 4 bhk, 5 bhk Apartments for sale in Panchkula

If you are looking for class and comfort at best prices, then dive into the 5 bhk flats in Panchkula Exotic Group started its exquisite journey with a vision to create superior quality living in real estate. The Grandeur towers are one of the finest d of the group in residential real estate. A good infrastructure is the pillar of any project and we focus on providing the best architectural designs to the people. The tower's architecture is built on energy-efficient green material. The outdoor landscapes are designed by experts. Let’s take a look at what makes us the best in the Industry:


Luxuries are an important part of modern living. From the swimming pool, a well equipped Gymnasium to Community hall, high-end amenities are catching the attention of buyers. Exotic goes one step beyond and offers facilities like Steam and Sauna, Mini Theater, Multipurpose hall, Library and play area. The towers have a clubhouse, power backup, huge car parking. CCTVs are installed on each floor of the building.


4 bhk flats in Panchkula designed by Grandeur are high on demand as compared to Panchkula flats 3 bhk and 4 bhk in Panchkula due to the grand specifications. Flooring used is of premium quality like Vitrified Tiles/ Natural Stone/ Granite. Premium emulsion paints have been used for walls Project uses high-quality UPVC windows and doors. The kitchen is fully furnished with modular fittings. High-end security systems are installed with access control. The tower's facilities its residents with air-conditioned and five-star Entrance Lobby / Visiting Lounge.

Distances/Location’s Advantage/ Connectivity:

The Grandeur towers are located in Panchkula, only three kilometers from the City Beautiful, Chandigarh. The project is full of lush green surroundings and landscapes. The satellite town, Panchkula is well connected with its neighboring cities like Chandigarh, Mohali, and Panchkula. It is located off the NH-22, Chandigarh-Panchkula- Shimla Highway. It is only 4kms from the International Airport and well connected with the airport road. The development of highways in and around the town has made the region accessible. Delhi is just 4 hours away from the city and Shimla is just 3 hours drive. Due to its unified connectivity, this region is attracting investors.

Those who are looking for their dream home full of luxuries at affordable prices can go for Exotic Group’s residential project Grandeur. We are constantly working on our infrastructure and development and hence, with the help of our expert team we strive to give you the best.

Advantages of Living in High Rise Apartments

High rise building has become a new norm in real estate due to the increase in population. More and more cities are witnessing the development of high rise apartments from the past few years. Till a few years ago buildings with more than 5 to 7 floors were a rare sight. However, nowadays high-rise goes as high as 50 stories. Tall residential towers are the latest trend amongst developers and buyers in real estate as they save space and accommodate more people than low rise buildings. From beautiful views to fresh air, buying property on high floors has become the symbol of luxury and exclusivity.

There are many reasons why high rise apartments are the preferred choice of buyers. Living in high rise apartments comes with many perks, such as:

Advantages of living in High Rise Apartments

Ventilation and light

The biggest advantage of living in a high rise apartment is the fresh air and ventilation. Apartments at higher floors tend to give an open and airy feel. High rise apartments have more natural light as compared to low rise homes. Access to a little more sunlight is something that we all prefer to possess.

The View

We will all agree to the fact that the higher the floor, the better the view. One of the main advantages of living in a high rise apartment is the scenic view and the feel of exclusivity you get. High rise apartments offer the luxury to experience and enjoy the surrounding landscapes and greenery. The view is something that could give your home an edge over other luxuries. In-case you are living in a penthouse then you can not only enjoy the view but utilize the space for creating your own mini gardens.


Living at higher floors gives you privacy. You can avoid the unwanted intrusions and disturbances by opting for higher floors instead of lower ones. Noise from playground, parking, elevators, and traffic is negligible at higher floors. Plus you automatically get more privacy by fewer interactions with curious neighbors.

Less pollution

Another aspect of investing in high rise apartments is pollution-free space. Living in higher floors not just provides a good view but also offers cleaner air and negligible noise pollution. Air is cleaner at the top, thus, providing numerous health benefits to its residents.


High rise apartments are less prone to a security breach and hence safer than low rise apartments.  It could be easier to break into lower floors than high rise ones.  High rise buildings are known to have the best security features with the focus to provide safety to residents living on all floors. However, lower floors are more prone to burglary and break-ins.

While the above factors depend on the floor, location/city and the architecture of the building, the advantages of high rise apartments outweigh the cons. At the end of the busy and hectic day, coming back to your high rise apartment offering serenity and peace is the luxury only a few could experience. Let us help you out in creating your happy place with Exotic Grandeur apartments offering the blend of luxury and comfort

Parameters To Be Considered While Applying for Home Loans

If you are planning to buy a house in the near future, now is the time to plan your finances. Investing in residential real estate has become a priority for today’s generation which beliefs in planning ahead. There is an upward shift in the real estate market as more and more people are showing interest in owning a property rather than renting it. Rise in demand for flat and an independent house is backed by the banking sector with beneficial and lucrative loan opportunities. A home loan is a great financial assistance for those who do not want to liquidate their savings or short on cash. Plus you can own a house by customizable loan repayment tenure and monthly installments.

However, consider the below parameters that play an important role while applying for home loans:

Parameters To Be Considered While Applying for Home Loans

Credit score

First and foremost, check your credit score also now as your CIBIL score. It is recommended to check and correct your credit score as soon as you anticipate buying a house. Early identification of your score would help you to correct any errors and provide you ample of time to improve it before the final deal. Rectification could be required with respect to late payments, incorrect credit limits, etc. A single late payment in the past could drop your credit score. Hence, a better credit score will position you in a better place when it comes to interest rates.

Your income and down payment

Based on the location and your work, every lender sets minimum income criteria. While having the ideal savings and aiming at affordability plays an important role, it is your employment status which is a major contributing parameter while applying for home loans. Home loans are mostly available for the duration of up to 20 years. Hence, your age, income and the remaining number of years in your job could alter the loan amount considerably. Along with the current income, your savings will help in identifying the affordable down payment which would further help to ease down on the monthly EMIs.

Market survey

The growth of the economy has supported the growth of the banking industry. Many private and government banks are offering various types of home loans for buyers. Every bank has a target for its employees because of which minimum details are provided to the borrowers. Hence, it is even more important to do the market survey, read the terms and conditions carefully and do not hurry while applying for the home loan. Compare the rate of interests of different banks. Parallel to this look for banks with a faster loan approval process to avoid any last-minute delays or penalties of late payment. Identify the borrowing costs charged by the bank like processing fees, service tax, etc to make sure only the RBI approved charges are being levied.

Applying for a home loan could sound like an easy process; however, for smoother repayment of loan it is important to keep in mind the above parameters to avoid any chaos at the later stage. If you are planning to buy a house with affordable prices, visit the Exotic Grandeur office for assistance.

5 Must-have Amenities you Never knew you Needed

To compete with the growing number of projects in real estate, many builders are upping up their apartment game with luxurious amenities that has given a new meaning to grandeur living. We all will agree that luxuries amenities do not only raise the standard of living but also make the living fun, convenient and easier. While parks, recreational areas, party halls are becoming a standard, many builders are going up and beyond to attract the buyers looking for their dream homes.

Here are 5 must-have amenities you never knew you needed until now:

5 Must-have Amenities you Never knew you Needed

Water features

Resort-style swimming pools are becoming a must-have to complete your ideal home. While some projects aim at providing a swimming pool and kids’ pool, others are going one step ahead with in-house Steam and Sauna facilities.  It is no more a high-end amenity restricted to the high-income group but something that has become an emerging trend in the residential real estate for people from all income groups.

Fitness and you

Taking fitness to another level is an emerging trend in real estate. Well equipped gymnasium, with full fitness facilities, treadmills and weightlifting machines has caught the attention of buyers. With fitness now being an important part of millennia’s regime, this trend is likely to become a standard for upcoming real estate projects.

Gathering place

Gathering places like community halls, party halls, clubhouses, and multipurpose halls is a must-have for any community. These multipurpose halls are now equipped with Kitchen, indoor games, library, mini-theatres, and lounges. A place where people can connect, relax and spend quality time with their families and friends. These are the places where you can relax while working and enjoy the spectacular view.

An eye for design

As amenities like clubhouses, lounges, community halls, game rooms have become a trend and catching the attention of the buyers, it has become all the more important to make these spaces as appealing as possible. Whether it is the display of popular artworks or Italian flooring, giving finesse to spaces like lobbies, reception and common gathering places could uplift the grandeur of the apartments.

Smart living

We all want to live smarter, whether via smartphones or smart homes. Life is all the way easier when everything is just one touch away. From 24/7 Wifi facility, smart wiring, sensor lights, automated appliances to security settings, homes with cutting edge technology are being preferred over the ordinary ones. Smart living also includes smart facilities like well-connected drop off facilities directly to the doorstep, designer outdoor landscapes, and energy-efficient amenities.

Today, amenities are not just extra perks but are necessities. They are the luxuries that make your life easier and comfortable. What amenities do you think are essential in this era? Is it fitness and well-being facilities at your doorstep? Or a high tech security feature? Is it a dedicated place for entertainment? Or a Wifi with no glitches and buffering? Exotic grandeur checks all of those boxes and offers the most luxurious amenities you never knew you needed.

Zirakpur - The New Choice For Real Estate Investors

Chandigarh – the city beautiful has seen immense growth in all spheres of the region in the past few decades. While the city has a scope of innovation and enhancement in many other areas but seems like it has outstretched its options in the real estate market, thus bringing more opportunities for nearby areas. Zirakpur is gradually becoming one of the most popular and optimal choice for investors and home-buyers.

Let’s look at what makes Zirakpur an ideal preference for your new home and investing in property.

New Choice For Real Estate Investors

Government Improvement Plans:

Since Zirakpur is wrapped around between three major states – Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab, the state government has planned various schemes and projects for improvement in the area. The Department of Housing and Urban Development has been actively passing mandates to frame policies, schemes and plans for the creation of investment opportunities in the region. Various schemes like free-housing to eligible beneficiaries and subsidized housing has been the scope of Punjab Shehri Awas Yojana policy. The city would witness more economic growth and townships in upcoming years.

Everything is in the reach:

What makes a city fit for residential purpose is known by its connectivity with the surroundings. Zirakpur offers easy and quick connectivity to the major cities like Chandigarh, Ambala, Delhi, Shimla and other adjacent areas. The national highways and new connecting roads make the journey fast and smooth. Whereas day to day amenities are concerned Decathlon, Big Bazaar, Best Price and other major shopping outlets situated in the reach makes the living even more comfortable and stress-free.

Luxury Living:

Luxury homes are the new buzz in the real estate market and Zirakpur offers the best in class luxury apartments which would leave you mesmerized and fascinated. The housing projects in the area focus on modern amenities like swimming pools, sports complex, clubhouse, Italian marbles, imported types of equipment, and more and more space for car parking. Investors can choose flats (1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 BHK) as per their own convenience and budget. All of the townships are equipped with modern security and safety techniques and measures. Thus, making it a perfect selection for your new home.

Prime location for students and professionals:

In and around the area of Zirakpur, there are excellent opportunities for students with colleges like Chitkara University, SUS Group of Colleges, etc. The new educational hub offers great possibilities for rental income, also being the leading location, it is attracting more commercial investors too. With

Chandigarh IT park, companies in Panchkula and Quark City in Mohali being close to Zirakpur offers the professional class to consider Zirakpur as their top choice for investing.

The Exotic Grandeur:

If you are looking for best in class architecture, design, grand amenities and more – the Exotic Group is the right option for you. It is located off the NH-22, Chandigarh-Zirakpur-Shimla Highway, with 3kms away from the city beautiful and 4kms away from the airport. Your new home awaits at the Exotic Grandeur with utmost living experience that would redefine the standard of living. Get in touch with us soon.

A Guide For Aspiring Homeowners

If you are an aspiring homeowner, we want to help you prepare for the journey ahead. For first time home buyers, making the final decision could be full of delightful and overwhelming experience. Buying a home is the biggest investment of your life and could feel like a roller coaster ride. You can make the ride a lot smoother by investing your time in the right amount of planning and preparation before taking the final call. Figuring out what you want and how to get it can help you make the wise decision.

A guide for aspiring homeowners

Window shopping

The very first step is to start looking for your dream home. Let the window-shopping begin to refine your search for the best deal. Try and figure out what you want and prepare your must-have checklist. Make a list of necessary and desirable features you would want to have in your new home. Browse online and set up appointments to learn about the market and the options available. Have an eye for detail and look out for amenities provided by the builders.

Credibility check

Check out the various affordability calculators available online to determine the final amount to be spent and research on the various overlooked costs like maintenance charges. Check your credit score and raise it before commencing the house-hunting process. In addition to the credit score, calculate your debt to income ratio and figure out the optimal down payment and the paperwork for a smooth home loan process.

Be optimistic

The most important thing to remember in the house hunt process is to be optimistic and flexible. Consider re-assessing and prioritizing your checklist as per the price range and availability. Re-evaluate and readjust your expectations as per the ongoing market trends. Narrow down on the features that are necessary and cannot be compromised on.

Choose your location

Narrowing down on the location is the most important part of your house hunt journey. Choosing a house in the city or periphery areas is one of the major decisions you’ll make. While cities buzz with urban energy, the areas outside the cities offer a breath of fresh air. Research on various aspects like the accessibility, approachability, security, essential facilities and make the choice that resonates with your lifestyle. Look for an area that offers a comfortable, healthy, peaceful neighborhood today and a smart investment tomorrow.

Making the deal

You’re about to make the final offer, which can be a daunting experience especially if you are a first-time buyer. As the final deal comes together, prepare yourself for lots of paperwork and negotiations. Read the contract carefully and pay attention to various clauses. Remember that every single question matters. Set your price, explain yourself, negotiate and close the deal.

Once the deal is made, share the good news, get the keys and move in. You are now a homeowner! Whether you are moving on the day of closing the deal or after few days when the possession happens, you’ve just finished your adventurous home buying journey.