Make your permanent addresses glamorous

Are you on the lookout for a perfect address for your family? Do you know where to look for, when you need a pristine home which doesn’t make you search for a getaway from home? We are The Exotic Group and we are ready to give you a friendly welcome, only if you let us. The Exotic Group stands for providing you with one of the best homes with a feel flushed with glamour within Chandigarh.

We at Exotic are providing everyone with premium apartments filled with all the amenities within Zirakpur. Experience living luxuriously within Chandigarh with a home decorated with ambient interiors and plush exteriors. The generous space within each room is meant to match the luxurious lifestyle and the freedom to move. Nowadays, people relate light with positivity, so we take every responsibility to fill their homes with ample ways to get natural light so that they could bask in life changing positivity. From every corner of the living room to the bathrooms give you a rapture filled with eye befitting space. We affirm that our thought process and hard work put in have made us believe the same.

If you’re adamantly looking for a happy living space within a metro city, then you need to come here and experience the serenity which our homes proudly provide. Anyone wanting to invest in the Exotic and Grand residential projects in Chandigarh area far from the pandemonium of Delhi/ NCR must consider investing in Exotic Grandeur. We know that finding homes is often a task people loathe to do, especially in metro cities. And this is where Exotic welcomes you with a sense of serenity and contentment. The Exotic Group promises to present you a life full of luxury and opulence which you have always dreamt of. Living in the homes of the Exotic Group opens to you a glamorous experience of a splendid lifestyle.

Premium residence in Chandigarh

Luxurious, opulent, grand, lavish, splendid, and extravagant… If these words are floating in your mind, then we welcome you to experience The Exotic Group! We are delighted to welcome you with open arms and wide smiles. If you’re looking for a premium location to buy Luxury Apartments in Chandigarh, then we have got something to surpass your expectations. If you are searching for serene surroundings in the hustle-bustle of the liveliest of cities, then you need to be at Exotic.

The Exotic Group is an exemplary epitome of luxurious and affluent residence adorned by tranquil surroundings. The artistically inspired, aesthetically designed and beautifully built project lies in the lap of Shivaliks.

The Exotic Grandeur is perfectly located in Zirakpur, only three kilometers from the heart of the vibrant Chandigarh. It is conveniently located off the NH-22, on Chandigarh-Zirakpur-Shimla highway, at a distance of mere four Kms from the Chandigarh International Airport.

Its prime location makes Zirakpur one of the hottest destinations to invest in real estate. Anyone with an eye on investment in lavish and grand residential project in the area far from the hullaballoo of Delhi/ NCR must exhibit his interest in Exotic Grandeur.

Each tower of Exotic Grandeur boasts of a five-star and double height entrance lobby with Italian flooring. This place is perfected by a spacious visitor’s lounge which showcases an exquisitely luxurious ambience. You can find your perfect home in the premium residence location within Chandigarh.

Open layouts of the flats of Exotic where balconies open to a myriad of beautiful views and the peaceful surroundings outside. Prodigal living room, pristine prayer room and spacious dining room subtly accompany your lavish lifestyle.

Every kitchen is immaculate and spotless with Italian style flooring, granite countertop and vitrified tiling. This is topped by the state-of-the-art fixture to create a warm environment for hygienic and happy family time.

Eye soothing colors and design in spacious children’s room with floor to ceiling windows actuate the behavioral development of the child. All of these make Exotic the most flawless premium residence in Chandigarh.