The year-end holidays are the best and the last chance to bring a new change to our life. The beginning of the year is the time to celebrate the last year. The perfect way to celebrate the past year is by decorating your house and calling in your friends and relatives for a New Year party. Every room has its own mood and as home-owner, you can enhance it by decorating it in a subtle, crafty and yet classy way.  Below are some ideas for decoration that will set the mood for everyone and will bring along with it new beginnings, promises, and opportunities.

Decorate Your Home – New Year 2020

All-time favourite balloons

Balloons are never out of trend. The easiest, fastest and the most creative way to decorate the house is by filling a corner or room with colourful and bright balloons. Helium balloons are the most attractive way to decorate every inch of the ceiling with silver and golden colours. The 2020 golden foil balloons are perfect for the occasion.

Paper lanterns

The evergreen choice for any festive decoration are the paper lanterns. Traditionally, candles occupied the entryway and other corners of the home. In the recent times, creative and attractive lanterns are the favorite ways to decorate the space. Along with this, as the clock hits midnight, you can set the lanterns off and fill the sky with happiness.

Dining accessories

The much-needed change for this year is to decorate the dining or coffee table with crystal coasters to add natural glittering effect. There are various lovely and unique accessories for the tables that are available at affordable prices.


The overall look and feel enhancer for any room are its curtains and curtain rods. The trend these days are of drapes and drape panels. They come in various attractive styles like European, retro and in materials like linen, velvet and etc. The panels for the curtains come in several designs and patterns.

Wind Chimes

The rhythmic music of the wind chimes are the most relaxing and refreshing sound at home. The beautiful melodies add magical touch and vibration in the atmosphere. The home-made wind chimes are another creative and innovative add on for your decoration.


An instant feel of party and celebrations could be added by playing around with confetti decorations. They act as mood amplifiers and add a positive and fun feel to the space. There are infinite decoration ideas and ways that one can use to add the brightness, creativity, and uniqueness to the home décor.

Party accessories

No celebration is complete without the standard glittery banners and other party accessories. To add a style to it, one can go for disco balls as a creative add on to the decoration. To give it a party feel, stars, clocks, hats, tiaras, horns and etc for the guests is the most favorite way of all.


No artificial light can replace the aura and warmth of the candle lights. With modern designs and stylish holders, the candles add a classy touch to the space. They are simple, sleek, trendy and yet affordable. Try the above ideas and add a bright and new start to the decade – 2020.