The value of a house is based on various parameters like location, space, number of rooms, floor, connectivity, etc. These parameters remain unchanged; however, there are few factors that are under the control of the house owner. On the one hand, there are many things you can do to uplift the value of your house; on the other hand, there are factors that could bring down the value of your house.

Let’s take a look at the factors that could devaluate you home for you to take pro-active measures to avoid them:

factors that could devaluate your Home

Lack of Natural Light

One of the main things that boost the value of the house is access to natural light. While most of us do pay attention to the direction of the flat or apartment at the time of investing, however, it is important to ensure that the house should have access to the natural light as well. Sunlight is a very important element that is cherished by the buyers and the absence of the same could lead to devaluation. An apartment without access to direct sunlight could discourage potential buyers to purchase the house.

Vexatious Views

An unpleasant view is another factor that deflates the value of the house. Who wouldn’t want a scenic view from their balconies and windows? While this is not a mandatory feature that most people look for but it is catching the attention of the millennial. If not a scenic view, buyers would not want to see a plain wall or a neighbor’s living room up too close from their balconies.

Treacherous renovation

It is important to remember that different people have different tastes and choices. It varies from region to region and personal preferences. With so much variation in the likes and dislikes of people, dodgy renovations of the house could restrict the flexibility a home should offer for people to renovate it as per their needs. Go easy on remodeling the specific areas in the house, for example, some might prefer a bigger bathroom and go for expansion covering the storage area, however, others may want more storage space in the house. While you can play with the interiors but making structural changes could reduce the appeal of the house for a large segment of the population and potential buyers. Hence, over customization and treacherous renovations could change the main purpose of the room and reduce the value of your home in the buyer’s eye.

Over Customization

Customization of the interiors as per your taste is a good idea but over personalization could lead to a bad first impression o your home. Usage of odd colors for paint, contrasting wallpapers, and bad flooring influences the space in the house and makes it look cluttered. Ensure your house is well lit, tidy, and organized for a warm and welcoming vibe. Go easy while accessorizing your house and add as many natural elements for a fresh feel.

As a homeowner, you are responsible for upholding the value of your home and enhance it further for better prospects.