If you are an aspiring homeowner, we want to help you prepare for the journey ahead. For first time home buyers, making the final decision could be full of delightful and overwhelming experience. Buying a home is the biggest investment of your life and could feel like a roller coaster ride. You can make the ride a lot smoother by investing your time in the right amount of planning and preparation before taking the final call. Figuring out what you want and how to get it can help you make the wise decision.

A guide for aspiring homeowners

Window shopping

The very first step is to start looking for your dream home. Let the window-shopping begin to refine your search for the best deal. Try and figure out what you want and prepare your must-have checklist. Make a list of necessary and desirable features you would want to have in your new home. Browse online and set up appointments to learn about the market and the options available. Have an eye for detail and look out for amenities provided by the builders.

Credibility check

Check out the various affordability calculators available online to determine the final amount to be spent and research on the various overlooked costs like maintenance charges. Check your credit score and raise it before commencing the house-hunting process. In addition to the credit score, calculate your debt to income ratio and figure out the optimal down payment and the paperwork for a smooth home loan process.

Be optimistic

The most important thing to remember in the house hunt process is to be optimistic and flexible. Consider re-assessing and prioritizing your checklist as per the price range and availability. Re-evaluate and readjust your expectations as per the ongoing market trends. Narrow down on the features that are necessary and cannot be compromised on.

Choose your location

Narrowing down on the location is the most important part of your house hunt journey. Choosing a house in the city or periphery areas is one of the major decisions you’ll make. While cities buzz with urban energy, the areas outside the cities offer a breath of fresh air. Research on various aspects like the accessibility, approachability, security, essential facilities and make the choice that resonates with your lifestyle. Look for an area that offers a comfortable, healthy, peaceful neighborhood today and a smart investment tomorrow.

Making the deal

You’re about to make the final offer, which can be a daunting experience especially if you are a first-time buyer. As the final deal comes together, prepare yourself for lots of paperwork and negotiations. Read the contract carefully and pay attention to various clauses. Remember that every single question matters. Set your price, explain yourself, negotiate and close the deal.

Once the deal is made, share the good news, get the keys and move in. You are now a homeowner! Whether you are moving on the day of closing the deal or after few days when the possession happens, you’ve just finished your adventurous home buying journey.