Moving into a new home is one of the most complicated tasks and could be stressful for you and your family.  Unless you are a person who is minimalist, the day of moving could be full of chaos.  From proactive planning to budgeting and creating a checklist of all the items, we have just the right set of tips for you to move into your new adobe like a pro:

Hacks for a perfect move

De-clutter and organize

The very first step after your decision to move into a new home is to de-clutter your house.  Get rid of things that you would not require in your new home. Get your stuff organized by grouping and categorizing the items of each room. Make a checklist of the items that are fragile and need extra care and prepare in advance for the things required for packing and labelling the boxes.

Coordination with the moving company

Coordinate with your moving company in advance and explain the requirement in detail about the type of items to be moved. List down the heavy stuff and the extra boxes requirement to your moving company to avoid any disagreements on the day of moving. Check out the online reviews of the shortlisted company prior to booking to ensure smooth movement.

Label it all the way

At the time of packing, we tend to forget that unpacking is an equally tedious task. It is important to label all the boxes to ensure a hassle-free completion of moving into a new home. Although the moving companies ensure the proper packing of your stuff room wise. However, it is important to get everything packed and labelled in your presence. Label each side of the box so that you could identify the required one from the stack.

Pack your valuables in advance

Make sure that you store your valuable in advance. From jewellery to important documents, have a separate bag for keeping your precious items to avoid misplacement.

Separate kit for essentials

Running through the packed boxes immediately after moving could be cumbersome and ruin your perfectly planned packing strategy. Hence, keep all your essentials in a separate bag or box for your ease. This could include your daily use items like toothbrush, toiletries, delicates, and your night wear and prescribed medicines.

Avoid wastage

Green your move by reusing the boxes, bubble wraps, newspapers, etc. Avoid overusing the packaging material and aim for optimal utilization of resources. Try and reduce waste by using reusable material. Start collecting and saving up the cartons and boxes few weeks in advance.

Measurement of new home

Make sure you have the blueprint of your new home for guiding the movers to place your furniture. Decide in advance the placement of items in each room of your new adobe. This would help you to save time and place your belongings right in the first go.

Are you ready to move? Break down all your steps into simple tasks and make fond memories of day one in your new home.