Houseplants are an essential component to improve indoor air quality. These humble indoor plants not just purify the air inside your home but also sweeten it up with fragrance. They brighten up your home and have the quality to boost up your mood with their amazing qualities. They are no longer the luxurious home decor accessories but have become a necessity for those living in polluted urban areas.

Longing for a little greenery but not sure when it comes to picking the right plants and style? We bring you the gorgeous green ideas for a thriving indoor garden to match your aesthetics.

Houseplants for Better Indoor Air Quality

The right kind of plant

Selecting the right type of plant that could thrive in an indoor environment is very important. There are varieties of tropical plants like palm, ferns, aloe vera, orchids, peace lily. Tropical houseplants are easy to grow indoors and add an exotic flair to your home.


Different plants require different lighting. Examine the light conditions inside your home. The places you feel are bright could be much darker for your plants. Some plants need direct sunlight and some plants require indirect light and some need low light. Plants like Cacti require bright sunlight.

Green display

Looking for a gorgeous display of your houseplants? Styling your home with plants depends on the amount of space available and the lifestyle you choose to display. From the themes like an urban oasis, rustic to minimalistic, opt for the display that you could easily maintain and resonate with your aesthetic taste. Choosing the right room or space for the plant is important too.

  • Create a living wall with trailing houseplants. If you want to add an instant fresh feel then this display is the best alternative for a conventional gallery wall. This kind of set up is mostly seen in entry points of the home or living room galleries.
  • Create an indoor hanging wall garden with the help of herbs this kind of set up is suitable for Kitchen and even your living room. If you are short of surface space then you can go for hanging plants by grouping them for a contemporary feel.
  • If you desire for a natural feel then go for indoor urban jungle with oversized potted plants. Give your living room an earthy feel with humongous and leafy tropical plants.
  • Go for mid-century inspired display which is a blend of sophistication and dramatic plants. Step up your pot game with metallic finish planters for adding a pop of bold vibe. Choose delicate houseplants to achieve this look and make a statement by creating an ideal dining space.
  • Opting for a minimalistic theme is in trend and low maintenance. Mini and small potted house plants can make even a simple coffee table look alive and fresh. It is an ideal choice for green display in every room of your house. This type of display is eye-catching and adds a modern look to your home.

Creating an indoor garden is much easier than you think. They bring a fresh vibe and feel to your home. So use our tips for picking, potting and caring for your plants to keep them growing strong.

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