Conserving the environment has become the need of the hour and has led to the demand for eco-friendly homes. The concept of a green home is beyond the environmentally sustainable house but about a greener lifestyle.  Your will to conserve and preserve the environment could lead you to a healthier and happier life. This World Environment Day, let’s make the conscious effort to create an environment-friendly lifestyle and what could be the better place to start with than your home.

 Here are a few of the tips to start the green way of living:

Make your home Eco-Friendly this World Environment Day

Curb the usage of Plastic

The very first way to conserve the environment is to reduce the usage of harmful materials like Plastic. De-clutter your home and take out the unnecessary plastic items especially the ones being used in the kitchen like water bottles and plastic containers. Curbing the use of plastic can eliminate a substantial amount of land and water pollution. On top of it, shifting to more sustainable and organic materials could help you lead a healthier life.

Manage the waste

Another important element to lead a green life is managing the household waste. Ensure that you are creating separate bins for wet and dry waste in the house and segregating the edible kitchen waste. You can try composting the kitchen waste and use it for the indoor plants in the house. Also, before throwing off anything take some time to think if it could be recycled. Nowadays, you can recycle almost everything from your old clothes, newspapers to batteries and furniture. Recycling helps in reducing land pollution since the recycled material could be reused to build something new rather than ending up in landfill.

Add Greenery inside your house

While we all focus on adding plants outside the house like balconies and yards, however, bringing greenery inside your house is equally important and the way to a greener life. The indoor plant is an excellent way to improve the air quality inside the house and requires less maintenance. You could also try your hand in creating a small kitchen garden for your herbs which could help you get the feel of going your own organic food.

Conserve Energy and Water

Energy conservation is the topmost priority and need of the hour in today’s time. It is not only a sustainable practice but also could help you cut down on those high energy bills significantly. Switch to energy-efficient appliances like replacing the regular lights with LEDs or sensor-based lighting system, unplug appliances when not in use, and go for regular servicing of the electronic appliances for maintaining their efficiency. In addition to it, you can insulate your home from windows to walls that would help in maintaining the ideal temperature inside the house without an extra load on the AC or heater. Sustainability is not just about saving energy but also about saving one of the most natural elements required for our existence that is Water. Make your home leak-proof and invest in some good taps and faucets. Reducing the energy consumption in the house will help you save on the utility bill and save the environment.

Make this environment day a beginning of an eco-friendly lifestyle to transform your home and the planet.