The best thing about your home is that it’s your space. While it is alright to consider the latest trends in interior design but in the end, your home should be the reflection of your personality. It is important to incorporate your taste and style to your home that depicts who you are and what you like. Infusing the personal touch creates a happy space, helps uplifting your spirits, and gives a sense of belongingness to you and your family.

Here are 4 tips to customize your home with the tinge of you and let yourself shine through your home:

Tips To Let Your Home Reflect Your PersonalityHighlight Your Passion

One of the best ways to bring out your personality through your home is by highlighting your hobbies. Your home should give an insight into your passion and your interests.  Surrounding yourself with things that you are passionate about makes you feel cozy and happy. If you are an art lover and like collecting displays then aesthetically place the work of your favourite artists in the living room.

If you are a nature lover then create an indoor garden and infuse the green quotient in every corner of the house. Do you love music? Then put the elements of music like instruments-guitar, an antique vinyl record player with a statement wall in the background. If you resonate more with reading then install a wall-mounted library or bookshelves. The walls, decor items, and furniture, they all are your playground and you could play with them as per your taste and have fun.

Narrate Your Story

Each home tells a story and you can narrate yours by creating a memory lane. All you need is an empty wall and transform it into your personal gallery. From pictures of your family, your childhood photographs to your travel history like souvenirs, postcards that you have collected over the years, display them as a warm memory of your past and your roots.

Play frequently with the wall and update it regularly with your achievements and accomplishments. The wall acts as a silent narrator of the story of your life and immediately depicts who you really are. So make space for creating this special personalized corner for yourself.

A Statement Entrance

Let people have a glimpse of your personality by having a statement entrance. Transform the dull entrance like the foyer with something inviting and welcoming resonating with your personality. You can experiment with displaying items that could act as good conversation starters like a flower bouquet, a statement mirror, your antique treasures, or a welcoming seating area. The entrance speaks volumes about the home and the people living in it.

Envision the Design

The design of each room says a lot about the owner of the house. A perfect design is the one that is envisioned by you. It is something that gives you peace and makes the home your heaven. The way you design the interiors of the house depicts your traits, for example, if you like being organized, efficient and target finesse then the minimalist interior design is for you clubbed with similar textures and patterns. If you like being unique and old school then you might want to plunge into the vintage interior design to depict your taste.

You cannot go by a fixed rule when it comes to bringing your home interiors in sync with your personality. So be the creator of your own canvas and paint your house with your personality.